About Custodian

Custodian provide supported accommodation to individuals who are at risk of homelessness. We support individuals with complex needs including - learning difficulties, mental health, and those recovering from substance misuse.

Custodian works with all applicants aged 18 and over and welcomes all sections of the community.

Our Mission

To be the leading supported housing provider in our region, delivering high quality affordable housing with a safe, secure & independent environment for all.

Our Vision

To offer a high level of support to all individuals through their journey towards a secure, sustainable and independent future.


Custodian Group provides supported housing primarily in the Birmingham region.

How We're making a difference

Custodian Group: driven to make a positive impact

Any one of us could be put in a position whereby the things we take for granted are stripped from us in a matter of moments.

A recent shelter study found that one in three families are only a month's pay away from losing there home. With that in mind we strive to provide a level of care that we would expect ourselves.

No one is immune to misfortune, therefore every single one of us should be entitled to a high level of support. We aim to provide that.

If you or someone else is looking for supported accommodation, then please read the available information on ‘How to apply’ If you would like to apply, please fill in the referral application form.